Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Golden Hour

I went to a nice dinner out on the town and was able to snap a few photos on the way. It happened to be the elusive "golden hour" -- look at how to light dances on my hair! These pics were completely unedited... I left them as is. Usually, I just play with the contrast and may brighten up a pic, but I think these turned out great as is. Usually, I don't have time to snap pics during golden hour, so this was a real treat!

xo ek

Sunday, February 19, 2017

City Color

The weather finally cooperated for a bit and I was able to wear some cute transitional pieces. It's been forever since I've thrown on my trusty moto jacket, and I think it paired well with the pink and purple frock that I got on major sale!!

I'm starting to get more into photography-- that's why you'll see a few more posts popping up on this blog. I've really started to enjoy taking city shots.... candids, movements, traffic, skyscrapers, etc. What is your favorite subject to photograph?

xo ek

Friday, February 17, 2017

Neutrals and Burgundy

Is it just me- or has this been the longest winter ever?! Everyday, I feel like I'm so bundled and my heavy coats are getting some pretty substantial use. Color palette-wise, I've been leaning toward a lot of neutrals with just pops of color. Burgundy and bright red are currently my go-tos! My biggest challenge has been still looking put together and not like a wet dog when it rains :/ Is it just me or is anyone surprised by how much umbrellas DO NOT WORK? I have tried small, big, dome-shaped... you name it. And I'm constantly finding myself totally drenched by the wind and rain we've been having in the Bay. If you have any good umbrella suggestions... please shoot them my way! 

xo ek

Monday, February 13, 2017

Home for the Holidays

Just wanted to share some snaps I took during the holidays! It's been awhile... long time, no blog. This past holiday season was one of the BEST for my family in recent memory. I hosted both Thanksgiving and Christmas at my house so my family didn't have to bother cooking. It was stressful at times, but really fun to incorporate traditional family recipes and try out some new dishes that my family LOVED! The biggest hit was the California Pizza Kitchen inspired Butter Cake that I served for Christmas dinner (recipe here). 

It was so nice to see my grandma sit back & relax and not have to worry about timing dishes and cleaning dishes, that's for sure. It seems like the Holidays at EK's will become a Kato family tradition from here on out! 

Above are just some quick snaps of decor and such I had around the house during the holidays. Most importantly... Zazie pics. He's the best!

xo ek