Home for the Holidays

Just wanted to share some snaps I took during the holidays! It's been awhile... long time, no blog. This past holiday season was one of the BEST for my family in recent memory. I hosted both Thanksgiving and Christmas at my house so my family didn't have to bother cooking. It was stressful at times, but really fun to incorporate traditional family recipes and try out some new dishes that my family LOVED! The biggest hit was the California Pizza Kitchen inspired Butter Cake that I served for Christmas dinner (recipe here). 

It was so nice to see my grandma sit back & relax and not have to worry about timing dishes and cleaning dishes, that's for sure. It seems like the Holidays at EK's will become a Kato family tradition from here on out! 

Above are just some quick snaps of decor and such I had around the house during the holidays. Most importantly... Zazie pics. He's the best!

xo ek


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