The Technicolor Dream Skirt #FFTravels

I've been shopping at H&M a LOT more lately. Not only do they have great work wear (I swear, about 80% of my professional wardrobe is from there, and it was all I could afford when I was first starting out), but great party dresses and summer looks. The clothes really do look and feel more expensive than what they are. My only issue is the sizing. I'm literally 4 sizes bigger in H&M clothing because it's just cut differently, I guess? Lots of trial and error in the dressing room, but when it WORKS! I'm also so glad that you can now return online purchases in-store just in-case something doesn't work out! Much needed relief for a girl who is constantly worried about H&M sizing!
Oh, and these pics were taken at The Lodge @ Pebble Beach. 17 Mile Drive is an absolute must if you like beachy scenery. The Lodge is absolutely stunning and a perfect place to relax not too far from the Bay Area! Score!
xo ek


  1. Dying over your skirt!! It's so cute, girl.

    xx Kathryn

  2. Nice legs Erica

  3. You have shared an awesome party dress here! Coincidentally, even I got same kind of skirt. Last month have been to my friend’s ring ceremony at one of the best venues nearby. It was a great event and had a lovely evening there. Everyone liked my dress a lot.

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