Monday, January 25, 2016

#FFTravels: Hollywood Swingin'

Hi everyone! It might be tough to make out, but behind me is the Hollywood sign. These pics were taken in the little strip mall on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I had a very rare 3 days off, so I took advantage of it and took an impromptu trip to LA! It was a packed 3 days, I must say. Arrived early Saturday, went straight to Universal Studios (loved the tram ride and the Simpsons 3D), ate at Din Tai Fung, shopped at the Americana...and again, this was all just the first day! Day 2 included breakfast at Porto's Bakery (a MUST try if you're ever in Glendale!), followed by Hollywood Blvd, and then sailing to Catalina. 

Surprisingly, I didn't shop much in LA. I was too busy taking in the sights and sounds. 


xo ek


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  2. Love how edgy and chic this outfit is!

  3. What a gorgeous dress! Love how you paired it with that jacket!

    x Sarah

  4. Love this black and grey ensemble. Perfect for the winter!

    xx Kathryn

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