Monday, December 14, 2015

Bundled & Bright

Not sure if you can tell in this pic, but it was RAINING! We've had more rain in the Bay Area in the past 30 days than we had ALL season last year (days-wise). Usually, I fall back of fleece-lined leggings and a big coat on days like these- but wanted to primp for whatever reason. Pink is so unexpected during the rain, and I was the only person in colors these bright in the Marina and near the Presidio in SF. Not shown in these pics are my leopard print umbrella!

If you're ever in SF, the Presidio is an area with very light foot traffic. It's heavily wooded, and is technically a U.S. national park. Many folks jog through it- but there is an on-site restaurant, the Disney museum, event venues, and a little inn (where these pics were taken), if you want to check something out in the city off the beaten path. 


xo ek


  1. Super pretty!! Love pink! xo

  2. That pink coat is giving me life!

  3. Love that pink peacoat on you! Doesn't J.crew have the best coats?

    Happy Monday //

  4. Erica, you look so pretty! I love your coat - the color is just perfect and the backdrop is just s o pretty! LOVE! LOVE!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  5. I love the bright color of this coat! So fab for this time of the year!


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