Chunky Sweater Time


Above all, comfort is key when dressing for cooler weather. We're talking some pretty cold overnight lows here in the Bay (by that I mean 30s...), and since I go to work before the sun comes up, it is CHILLY when I step out. Frigid, for sure.  Longer, looser, chunkier clothes are my go-to. This sweater, size small, is definitely big on me...but I feel like I'm getting wrapped up in a warm hug by wearing it! This helps me combat cool temps, and the electric blanket I pulled out helps me with the chilly nights! I will update you all on how that goes. Liquids in my house literally freeze over in the winter months because it is THAT cold. So this year, I'm trying everything and anything to stay warm :)


xo ek


  1. That sweater looks so cozy. And I love your ankle boots!

    District of Chic

  2. I love your outfit!! Your sweater looks so comfy!

  3. I love how you took such a cozy sweater but elevated the whole look with your choice of shoes and accessories and brightened it up with your bold lip! So pretty! What lipstick is that? Thank you!

  4. Great outfit!


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