Palm Prints & Waves #FFTravels

Hawaii was beautiful and absolutely breathtaking in every way, and really is the perfect spot to unwind. I will say, however, that shooting blog pics proved to be exceptionally challenging. Let's discuss all the weather related shooting challenges, shall we?

Wind: Oahu was dealing with gale force winds during my stay, and while it doesn't seem like the biggest problem ever- my hair was ALL OVER THE PLACE. My hair was constantly in my face- even when putting it up. Those cute and effortless blog photos look best with a light breeze... not storm winds. 

Rain: It's monsoon season! A little rain never hurt anybody, but it could damage your camera. I had to sneak in shoots between sun breaks. 

Clouds: YES! So usually I love shooting in cloudy weather. That way, I don't have to deal with the sun's angles and glares. Unfortunately, it was just too dark most of the time in Hawaii. So beautiful color-changing sunsets when I was on the island. Flash usually corrected the photo darkness, but aside from the palm trees, you could barely tell where I was.

Just keep these elements in mind when shooting in tropical environments!

Express Tank | F21 Shorts | Cat Bag (similar) | Steve Madden Sandals (similar) | Raybans | Earrings 

xo ek


  1. Such amazing photos, you're perfectly dressed for Hawaii!
    xo, Jill

  2. The scenery is gorgeous and I love your purse!

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