Fringe & Fur

This was something I threw on to go get some ramen in Japantown. San Francisco's Japantown has to be one of my favorite areas of the city. There's always a street fair going on with entertainment and delicious food. There's a bookstore called Kinokuniya with a vast selection of Japanese/English magazines, books, and comics. American fashion and designer magazines have NOTHING on the Japanese ones. I used to spend hours flipping through pages of Louis Vuittons and Chanel bags I've never seen before. The Sundance Theatre, Kinokuniya, Soko Hardware, Benkyodo, and Waraku Ramen are all local shops I HIGHLY suggest both for tourists and locals alike! 


xo ek


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  2. SUPER cute! I love the colors in this outfit too. The boots are fantastic.
    Are you in the SF/Bay Area? I'm in the city all the time!

    A Mused Blog

  3. That look is AMAZING! I love how fashion forward and just beautiful it is!


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