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I really try to balance being cozy yet put together. That's why flowy/swing dresses are my best friends! I paired a dress that you've seen quite a few times on this blog with a very soft sweater to take it into Fall. All I did was go to the market and grab some chili for lunch, but atleast I looked somewhat polished doing it. If I don't push myself and even plan ahead, I will reach for yoga pants and a tee/pullover sweater. This look proves there is a way to dress out of your comfort zone while still being comfortable :) I know the shoes look painful, but they aren't. I've walked miles in them. They are a little difficult to get on and off due to the double buckles on each side- but atleast they don't give me a blister!


xo ek


  1. I love that this look is easy to throw on but looks so pulled together! Dresses + sweater are my favorite for transitioning into fall!

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