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It was cloudy my entire trip on Oahu, but it was still warm...and the ocean water did feel nice! It was relaxing, and I loved being within walking distance to restaurants, shopping, and the beach. I took several early morning walks on the Ala Wai Canal, and evening strolls on Waikiki Beach.

A few tips on getting to Hawaii, and what you need to bring/how to travel. 

The Oahu airport line is crazy. This is always the case. Anticipate 20-25 minutes checking a bag (if not longer...), and then another 30-45 to get through security. Their airport cannot accommodate the amount of tourists, I guess. It may be worth it to get TSA Pre-check so you can skip a lot of the tassle. It's under $100 for 5 years and you get to keep your shoes on. Also, you will have to go through agriculture screening- which is another 20 minutes. 

This was my first time flying Hawaiian Airlines, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. They offer power outlets (so clutch for a 6-hour flight), and they are the only North American airline to offer a MEAL to another North American destination. On the first flight, I had an egg/mushroom/cheese breakfast sandwich with chips, and on the return flight they served rice and meatballs. I get hungry all the time, so I enjoyed both! The staff is all very courteous and accommodating, and am looking forward to flying with them again. 

Shoes just took up too much space, and I only brought 1 extra pair! I chose a gold sandal that would match any and all outfits, and then a pair of neutral wedges for dinners. Also, travelling with a tote is essential. I like totes with a zipper to keep all my items from spilling out, but keeping it open allows me to stuff a bunch of extra souvenirs in my carry-on. 

Don't worry about packing sunscreen, lotion, or water toys. The ABC Store (which I kid you not is on every corner), has all this stuff for dirt cheap! I bought a floating chair and a snorkel set for under $10.

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