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Since I started this blog, it has come a looooong way in terms of how I share my photos. I started off just taking snaps of my outfits on an iPhone 4S. I thought I was doing myself a favor when I upgraded to a "better camera" with an iPhone 6. Sometimes I am very impressed with the photography produced from my phone (like cat pictures), but that definitely wasn't cutting it for the blog. I then started using a Canon Powershot ELPH 300. After that, I upgraded to the Canon Rebel EOS T5 using the standard 18-55mm lens. NOW, however, I'm using a 50mm fixed lens for my blog photos. It has been quite a journey! I wanted to share what I've learned in the early stages so you don't make the same mistakes I did!

1) Invest in a good camera
iPhones work for #OOTD pics you snap in your mirror for Instagram, and I think great for selfies, but your outfit photos will look blurry- especially once you re-size them for your website. DSLR cameras obviously work better than point & shoots but require more time to adjust in between shots.

2) Invest in a good lens
What I love about the 50mm  fixed lens is its ability to blur anything behind the subject. it creates a dreamy effect!

3) Learn your camera's settings
It all boils down to ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Aperture creates the depth of field, so it’s really important that you always keep that number as low as you can for that blurry/dreamy effect. I have mine set at 1.8. ISO is light that comes from inside your camera and it’s always very tempting to make your ISO higher when it’s a little dark outside. This, however, can make your pictures grainy. Instead, arrange your light by changing the shutter speed. The higher your shutter speed, the darker the pictures. 

4) Lighting is everything
I used to shoot in the mid-afternoon since it was the only time I was free, but now I try to push shooting to sunset... or a really foggy day. When the sun is brightest, that is a difficult time to shoot. As always, make sure you are facing the sun, and it isn't behind you.

4) Easy does it on the editing
Sometimes, your pictures won't come out perfect despite following all the rules, so it's a-okay to edit! I generally use "brighten" functions when I am shooting on a foggy day, and may adjust the "contrast" a bit. If you're wearing a really colorful outfit, try playing around with the "saturation". That's all I use. No photoshop on the body or face-- I want my images to accurately reflect how I look in an outfit.

xo ek


  1. Some great tips there! You look amazing in the hot pink!


  2. Love your dress, that bright color is so fun!

  3. Great tips girl. I need to invest in a good camera. Im currently using my Iphone camera and its fine but I feel like it just takes too long to get pictures to come out right. I find sometimes they just turn out randomly blurry or the lighting looks dull or too bright - its such a pain x

    Caitriona | Blog

  4. Great tips, Erica! I have the same camera and need to invest in a better lens. Image is everything when it comes to blogging and the sharper the better! That said, you look fantastic! That dress is absolutely gorgeous :)

    I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend, beautiful!



  5. What a great post! I have come a long way too since I first started a year ago! lol

    Sabrina | GYPSY T▲N

  6. Great tips! Hot pink is a gorgeous color on you! You're rocking this dress lady!

  7. I like this outfit very much! You look great in this bright pink dress. Have a nice weekend!

  8. You should shoot with the sun at your back, it makes a good rim lite and you don't squint your eyes

  9. these tips are amazing!

  10. Great post and great tips. So glad you got the 50 mm lens. That is one of the best things you can do when you have a DSLR. The lens that comes with it just does not compare in quality. You look great in pink!


  11. You are so right I went on the same journey and have been thinking of getting a new lens, now I know what to get! Great tips for shooting, only down side is when I hand the camera over to someone to take pictures of me and they are not a professional--have to keep the setting on auto.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  12. Amazing dress!!!! I love it!

  13. love this bold pink color! you look amazing!

    love from San Francisco,

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  15. Really good tips! You look absolutely gorgeous in pink!


  16. Great tips! We all started somewhere... I used to rely on camera phone photos too and I thought it was good, but looking back on it, nahhh! Glad I invested on a DSLR too. By the way, love your fuchsia dress, so fun!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  17. Aw the color of that dress is so vibrant! Amazing piece and looks perfect on you! Thanks for the tips, have a nice day!

  18. Beautiful look... That dress is a lovely colour on you!
    April xx


  19. I am a huge photography fan so I love posts like these. Totally agree with you on these points, especially learning the camera settings. So important!


  20. Love the dress!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  21. It's amazing looking back on my journey too! A good camera makes such a difference. Great photos! Love the pink.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  22. Always love reading photography tips from fellow bloggers! Absolutely adore your pink dress!


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