Free Spirit Floral

The weather has been such a rollercoaster lately! And SF has been pretty gloomy, but since it's the Bay, it will only brighten up and warm up soon. This kimono was a favorite of mine last summer, but this time I'm wearing it with jeans as the nights cool down. The kimono is from Tobi, but it hasn't been in stock so I linked a few similar and very affordable alternatives below.

Kimono (similar) | Jeans | Sandals (similar) | Bracelet | Aviators | Necklace | Earrings

xo ek


  1. That kimono is so cute! I love throwing them on over a simple top to complete a look.

    Alicia | Between the Pearls

  2. Those sunglasses are bomb! Love the mix of pattern and colors! Great style!

    xo, N

  3. <3 such a nice kimono. Sorry to hear about the weather in SF! It's been blistering hot in SoCal, so I'm envious haha.

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  5. I'm loving your bag and the color in the cover!

  6. Love this kimono on you. It is such a beautiful print. Such a great idea for cooler evenings.



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