Summertime Sadness

I've been wearing a lot of black lately- which isn't the most summer appropriate color. I think that could have something to do with these sandals I picked up. I swear I wear them daily! I bought this top from Forever 21, and unfortunately, it wrinkles easily. That's probably my biggest pet peeve when shopping for new clothes. NO WRINKLES! Also, the off-the-shoulder straps have trouble staying put. These jeans, however, seriously feel like pajamas. They are a blend between skinny jeans and boyfriends jeans- so they fit well but aren't too restrictive. The shoes, again, are new staples for me. 


xo ek


  1. So beyond obsessed with those glasses hun, they look so fab. The maroon bag is perfect too, will be amazing for autumn!


  2. Hello Erica, how are you? You look Hella Cute in your outfit regardless of the wrinkles, and those shoes are so sexy on you! You my dear are a "Godess"!!

  3. Love those jeans on you. I also really like the top on you as well, even though it wrinkles. Love the pop of color with your bag.



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