Pink Embroidered Dress #FFTravels

A beautiful boat ride across the tranquil blue Mexican seas onto an isolated "island-like" set-up with dinner on the water and a cultural show. Puerto Vallarta Adventures really knows how to do it! You can book anything from a walking tour, zipline obstacle course, or comedy show while in Mexico. I highly suggest you do your research beforehand to see which excursion is best for your needs! It's also pretty important to stay near one of their pick-up locations. Without their tours, there isn't a ton to do in Puerto I say it's worth the price for all-day entertainment. These pics were taken during their Rhythms of the Night tour on my last full day down south. 

FYI This dress is from TARGET..but couldn't find it online. They have a ton of cute clothes right now so be sure to stop in and look!


xo ek


  1. You look lovely Erica. It's so nice to see you rested & relaxed and unstressed. Enjoy your vacation you deserve it. Have a lovely B-Day on Saturday.


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