Grey Casual

Alright, so I don't know much about photography (I'm learning), but for whatever reason, taking pictures against this bright blue wall made all the other colors so much more vibrant and intense. I am literally wearing grey and black, but for some reason everything looks so much more... detailed. And no shame, but yes, I did conduct this photoshoot in front of IKEA. I am loving this sweater, and could not wait to post it on Fashion Forecast!


xo ek


  1. I love this casual look! I feel like a speedy & ray bans take any outfit to the next level. I also love that you did this outside of Ikea, I've done photos in a few odd spots too!


  2. Cool pic Erica! The blue backdrop really does allow for the subject in the forefront {You and your lovely outfit} to stand out quite beautifully and vibrantly. Nice job, kudos to you on this one.

  3. I love those mirrored sunnies, ladies!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by Erica! Xoxo

  5. So simple yet so chic! I love it!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  6. I have definitely taken pictures in a few random places and I get so awkward about it. You look amazing in these pictures. I love that you wore your hair up for this outfit and your sunglasses are so cute!!


  7. I love your glasses! And love that you had a photo sesh in front of ikea! Awesome

  8. chic! I love your sweater, and am jealous of your ikea trip - I haven't been in way too long!

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