Pink Edge

It would be safe to say that I have the teensy problem of overdressing from time to time. Take this look. This is what I wore to stand in line for 2 Piece Tuesday. Honestly, who does that? It's all I did in this outfit. I changed into something completely different for work. I think because the weather has been so drab, I've been wearing chunky sweaters and leggings (mainly dark colors, too), so I guess I wanted to change things up a bit. Again, a little much for getting fast food, but hey, I always say it's better to be over dressed than under!

PS- The shoes are from GoJane. I couldn't find any similar ones, but obviously they are trying to be Valentino Rockstuds but with a suede feel and a brighter neon pink.


xo ek 


  1. Super cute Erica. I love that story. You are absolutely delightful, we should have dinner together. When are you free?


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