Jogger Pants

I often find myself asking, "How can I wear sweatpants  in public but look like a functioning human being?". The struggle is real!!! Yoga pants was the go-to answer for awhile, but it's always good to freshen things up. I introduce to you... jogger pants! These have been slowly popping up since last summer. They have a similar look to sweatpants with the banded bottoms and drawstring, but they are a canvas material. I think I could also wear strappy heeled sandals to make this look a little dressier, but this is a great alternative to run around and do errands in!


xo ek


  1. The jogger pants look so comfortable! Love the look to run errands!
    xo, Maria
    Gal and the City

  2. Super Cute Erica. Great look for you, head-to-toe.


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