Wear to Work: Color Blocking

How perfect is this!? I walked by some flowers that matched my outfit, so it turned out to be a sensational photo-op for the blog. I usually shy away from too much bright color mixing. However, since the pieces are pretty basic, I think this outfit worked well. It was windy this day, so excuse my hair being all over my face. 

I wanted to ask... how many of you use Ebates? If you don't, it's a pretty cool. It's kinda like a commission site. All you do is log in (free), and from there go to your favorite websites to shop. You can get up to 7% cash back just for logging in through Ebates before you do the shopping you were going to do anyway! Pretty nifty. 


xo ek


  1. Lovely photo"s Erica "picture perfect" . Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy!


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