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Gingham is a pattern that I think will push well into this season. It is so classic, and I've seen it come in tons of colors at J. Crew and Forever 21. As for this shirt, I've worn it dressed up for work, during the holidays, and now I'm showing you a casual way to style your gingham! Leave the shirt unbuttoned, throw on a plain white tee, and a simple skirt... this was great for a weekend afternoon!


xo ek


  1. Help petition to bring Kato back to KRON!

  2. I've been wondering "where's Erica" since tuning into your early morning weather report in mid March. For a couple of weeks I thought, "she must be on vacation". By early April, it became, "this is a long vacation" after continueing to see this new your spot! I found out this morning what happened...on my birthday no less. How unfortunate, because I'm certain that this was about the BS that occurs in so many newsrooms, especially where people of color are concerned. My sis was a TV journalist for years, so I'm well aware of what goes on with arrogant, ND's and others. However,it's good to see that you are moving on in such a positive way. I'm sure you will end up in a much better place that recognizes and appreciates your talents and kind nature. Hopefully, it will be in the Bay Area where your fans can continue to watch and see you "go and grow" One things for certain KRON has lost many viewers since your departure.


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