Wear to Work: Pink Skirt

I'm trying to frequently get these 'Wear to Work' posts up because more than anything, I get questions/comments on my work attire. Some may say that it would be difficult/near impossible to wear a bright hot pink skirt to the office. Those people are not named Erica Kato. Bright pink is one of my favorite colors (as featured in countless posts), so here is a way you can rock a girly fave in the workplace. 

I paired the bold skirt with a peplum top. Super trendy when topped with a gold bar belt.  This outfit works with either classic flats or understated heels. I've linked my flats below, which you can always find at places like Norstrom, Saks, or Neiman Marcus... but keep an eye out @ Nordstrom Rack! Got my pair there for about half off :)


xo ek


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  2. That's the best kind of shoes, half price

  3. As always love the work outfit keep them coming thanks. You look wonderful !

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