Pho-real Fashion

Hey all! Well, I wanted to start off and say that I got sick again, which is super annoying because I had the flu in January. This time, it was only a sore throat but I hate when I'm out of commission. The good news is- I drink plenty of juices and soups. The bad news is- I'm bored to death and even watching an episode of The Walking Dead proves to be too much. I managed to venture out to get some pho, and literally just grabbed the first items I saw out of my closet... and here it is! I love the taste of pho when I'm sick, but I'm also told to avoid meats due to "toxins" when under the weather. What do you guys eat when you're not feeling well? I need a recipe arsenal since I seem to be getting sick a lot lately!


xo ek


  1. My go-to when I'm not feeling well...Arroz Caldo

  2. Really cute look!!

    xx Olivia

  3. This time of year when the pollen count is high i usually get a sore throat as my first symptom of allergies. I take a twice a day dose of Claretin genetic to rid the symptoms. You might want to visit the doc to see if yours is allergy related. Get well soon Erica and happy Easter!


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