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Hello there! So lately, I've been dreaming of a nice vacation. It's about time I pick up and go somewhere tropical for about a week. I'm thinking Puerto Vallarta...maybe the Bahamas... any suggestions? New destination equals new clothes, too! I recently bought this flowy off the shoulder top that's very boho chic. Too bad I can't imagine wearing it here in the Bay Area. I really need some good ideas on where I should jet-set to next!


xo ek


  1. you're so beautiful, miss u on kron

  2. I am SO with you, especially because it is still SNOWING here. Ugh. I suggest Puerto Rico - no dealing with customs ;)

    jess | Bows & Bouquets

  3. Nice outfit, looks very comfy :) I would love a vacation as well; maybe to Costa Rica or Cuba - any warm country will do actually haha

    xo Mel || Sketch and Scribbles

  4. This is super cute! And I've heard amazing things about Jamaica :)


  5. You look great, Erica! Congrats on your success here. Stay strong!

  6. Lovely outfit Erica. Have a wonderful vacation, where ever you decide to go stay safe, have fun, & enjoy yourself. You deserve it after what you've been going through. I look forward to seeing you upon your return. Btw the Carribean is a lovely destination although ! You are a Beautiful Bahama Mama!


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