Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wear to Work: Pink Portofino

So some of you have requested that I blog more of my work outfits. And honestly, many of you who visit my blog do so because you are interested in some of the ensembles I put together for my job. Dressing for my job can often be complicated. Fit is ultra important-- clothes that look good on don't necessarily look great on TV. The camera does add a ton of weight. Also, since I have black hair, black tops/dresses can sometimes blend with my hair and it just looks sort of... weird. When I find an outfit I like, I wear the heck out of it. Some of you say I wear a lot of dark colors... which is true! With a wake-up call at 2am, I am not in the mood for bright color pops in the middle of the night! It's cold, I want something warm and comfortable, and I don't want to draw attention to a bad hair day. I think I win an award for person in my field that spends the least amount of time on hair & make-up. I literally am on-air ready in about 15 minutes-- from washing my face, brushing my teeth, applying make-up, getting dressed, and doing my hair. Literally. 


xo ek

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  1. Love that work outfit can't wait to see more so do keep them coming. Love the heels very sexy for work ! You should pair a outfit like that with some sheer tights.