Stripes In The Showers

This rain just won't quit!!!! I shot blog posts several times over the past week during downpours. Fortunately, we are looking at dry weather during the holiday week. While I'm grateful for all the rain we've been getting (the state certainly needs it), my neighborhood tends to flood, and driving gets pretty intense. I love nothing more, however, than sitting by a window INSIDE and drinking hot cocoa and listening to the rain drops :)

So I unofficially decided that white is a color you can wear in the rain. This outfit certainly turned a lot of heads-- I'm sure folks thinking, "Is she wearing white pants in the middle of this storm?". Why, yes I am.

As long as its not too windy, an outfit like this should hold up fairly well during a Bay Area downpour. My turtleneck was $8 (can you believe it?!), and it's made out of a super soft jersey material. My boots are no longer sold, but I linked to a similar pair @ Nordstrom, and they are price matching!

Also, I'm feeling festive, and will be posting outfits every day, ALL WEEK! So please, come back, check out my blog, and subscribe. I will definitely check out your blog as well if you leave me a link in the comments section. 



  1. cute look, shame about the rain!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  2. Another winning look! The white pants work - great way to stand out.

  3. I love the outfit and admire you for taking risks in the rain. I would never be brave enough to wear white pants. But, that's mostly because I'd probably get them dirty in any weather.


    Sweet Helen Grace

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