Check Mate

Hey all! So at first when I bought this shirt, I was on the fence. Then I brought it home and ended up hating it. Turns out, I just wasn't pairing it correctly! While big checkers is not historically a very feminine pattern, I made it work. It's actually a style you will currently see in J. Crew, Uniqlo, and Forever 21. My maroon jeans from Express came in handy for today's outfit-- along with a few girly accessories. This is now an outfit I can't wait to wear through the Fall & Winter! Look for a puffer vest to match it when the weather gets a little cooler.


xo ek


  1. EK, that hand on the hip shot, that's your Boss look right there. And although you can do no wrong in my book, I'm happy you stuck with the big checkered shirt. It looks nice on you. But one thing I think you and I have in common, we enhance the clothing more than it enhances us. So it's you that makes the shirt work so well. And how about those lips . . . . . . er, I mean, and how about those accessories. lol. I always love the earrings, bracelets and necklaces you wear. You're smart, intelligent, have a cultivating social consciousness, fashionable, and can't forget beautiful (love that smile!). And you make killer pumpkin pie oatmeal. EK, I don't know you personally but, you seem like the complete package.


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