You Asked For It!

I hope you guys are enjoying the larger picture sizes/better quality. Let me let you in on a little secret. It was much easier to just snap away on my phone and upload the fashion photos to the Blogger app, and using a real camera is a lot more work. There are a few more steps involved, but overall I think it is worth it, and will take my blog to the next level. Also, I am inherently lazy when it comes to these things and I honestly do most of my shoots after the gym, so my curls have fallen out, and I'm not wearing much, if any, make-up. The fuzzy quality and small size of the iPhone pictures were my friend! HA. So forgive me if I look tired in these better quality photos.  

Alas, here is a fur vest I was dying to get. This one has pockets, which always gets bonus points in my book. I've had fun trying it with different outfits. Can't wait for even cooler weather.


xo ek


  1. I like how these photos came out much better, and don't worry you are still very beautiful with little make up and fresh from the gym.

  2. GREAT job n the pictures!! Worth the extra work

  3. When it comes to looks, you can do no wrong in my book. The lesser the make-up, the more your natural beauty is exposed. And to be honest, I've always liked what I saw regardless of the quality of the photos. With that said, I do see the difference. Nice job EK!


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