Sunshine & A Scarf

I want to preface this post by saying this is what I wore to Home Depot, LOL. 

Today, there was lots of sunshine in the Bay Area (even at my house, which is rare). Though a cooler airmass left a bit of a chill outside. I want to say this outfit screams DECEMBER, but because it doesn't provide tons of warmth, I debuted it on a dry but slightly cooler October day. This blanket Zara scarf is EVERYTHING. It seriously doubles as a blanket, and it is perfect for the holidays. The top is a red thermal, and my skirt is laser cut leather. These little booties I'm wearing go with everything, but I'm still breaking them in. 

Hint: My beautiful plaid scarf is from last season and is SOLD OUT, but you can get a similar look (smaller width-wise) from your local Target.. so check in stores! Free shipping right now through the holidays, no minimum :)


xo ek


  1. That is a really cute outfit especially for Home Depot, lol. Love the tights makes the whole outfit pop you should wear them more. Sexy !


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