Whatever the Weather: Music Festivals Pt. II

In terms of the weather, don't expect too much out of Outsidelands. It'll start off foggy and breezy. Though afternoon highs COULD reach the mid-60s, it won't be hot by anyone's standards. Atleast there's going to be sunshine :) I learned the hard way that the walking paths at GGP are rough and dusty, so I don't recommend flip flops. For this day of the festival, I'm dressing up a beach romper so it's festival-ready!

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  1. Looking good EK! I didn't attend Outsidelands (not my kind of weather), but would have loved to check out your attire for the occasion. You could probably get away with wearing that black romper here in the Concord-Walnut Creek area - 80s temps.

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how cute this outfit is on you.
    Well.... maybe I just did.
    It just Rocks.
    "Keep your eyes on the road Space." lol


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