Whatever the Weather: Music Festivals Pt. I

Hey all! So the Bay Area is gearing up for Outsidelands this weekend, and I will admit it is a little tricky to dress for. That's because Golden Gate Park is freezing cold 95% of the time. And foggy. The atmosphere is a little more casual as well compared to Coachella, Lollapalooza and even Stage Coach. Layering is key for Outsidelands, and comfort is a high priority. Try a flannel to keep you cozy during the morning and evening concerts, and then tie it aroud your waist during peak heat. Boots are better than flipflops- and remember there is a LOT of walking involved!

Useful Tips:

  • LAYER, LAYER, LAYER! Bring a sweater, hoodie, or flannel for the chilly nights
  • You will probably get dirty. I know you want to wear your delicate-lace White free people dress, but this may not be the venue for that
  • Wear comfy shoes. There is more walking involved than you'd think.
  • Have fun with your fashion! The boho-chic/hipster/hippie look is not an everyday look. So take advantage of the style when you can!


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  2. Wait.... Whaaaat? Knock out gorgeous. Everything,

    "These boots were made for walkin, and that's what their gunna do...
    One of these days these boots are gunna walk all over you."
    Add base and drums here.
    boom chicka boom chicka boom chicka boom.


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