Striped Summer

Stripes were big this summer. I was never a fan before, but boy was I ever this season!! This is a maxi I've had forever. In fact, it was my first introduction to the world of stripes. Again, it is a comfortable piece, and one of the first pieces I pack for an island vacation.


  1. You look sexy as hell right here, can't front . Sometimes less is more, and conservative can sometimes create curiosity. Your figure compliments this piece, and I think any man, whether your boyfriend, husband, co worker ect would tell you this piece is an attention holder...��

  2. Grey is a relative of black with the black purse and you are great in black. Love the flats... you go with those flats. Accent with the necklace. Dress... with you in it. Nothin but net, 3 pointer from half court to win the game.


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