House Cleaning.

Alright, I have a lot of exciting things to announce! I've listened to all of your tips and advice, and starting with next week's posts, I will be using a NEW CAMERA! This will limit the use of the iphone pictures, which have their own set of quality issues. I was gifted a Canon PowerShot SX200IS 12 MP. I will be playing around with the settings, and as always, if you have any tips... SEND THEM MY WAY! 

Starting soon, I will be featuring work clothes. From time to time, I'm asked where I get my work clothes/who styles me. I traditionally go for a conservative and chic look (kind of hard to pull of early mornings). Yet, sometimes, I like a nice pop of color and I play around with my lipsticks. Fall is coming up, and that will heavily influence my outfit picks within the next month or so. 

Thanks for keeping up with my blog! I truly appreciate all the support I receive. We're only getting started here :) 

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