Orange You Glad Its Summer?

Growing up in San Francisco, you tend to wear a LOT of orange (SF Giants, baby!). I always thought the color clashed with my skin tone, but I'm learning that the right shade of orange can help accentuate a tan! Keeping up with the theme of simple and summery, I paired the look with my favorite pair of white skinny jeans and my tried and true wedges.

I purchased these white jeans (favorite pants of the season) at an airport. Because I didn't have enough clothes in the two suitcases I brought, I guess?

White Jeans are a MUST for the summer.


The sun kept going in and out during this shoot so some of the pics look a bit darker than others.

H&M Satin Tank | MANGO White Jeans | Tory Burch Cuff (similar here) | Banana Republic Wedge Sandals but similar here

xoxo ek


  1. Great posts! Keep up the good work. Is it possible to see better resolution pictures? It's hard to make out with the smaller versions. Happy 4th!

  2. nice pics ~ u should of hired me ~ i could of did a lot better quality & resolution ~ u can see my work on my website & i would love to work with u..


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