I Hear Ya!

Thank you all so much for the comments I've been getting. I have looked over all your suggestions and I indeed need a new camera for higher quality outfit pictures. Over the next week, I'll be reading up on the best camera to get the job done at a reasonable price... and I'm DEFINITELY up for suggestions! Send them my way, guys, I appreciate it!

To let you all know what I've been working on, I'm going to be adding some new segments to the blog. I will continue the "Whatever the Weather" series which will feature one item of clothing... and then show ways to dress up or down. 

I'm also considering using Polyvore to put together "dream" outfits or certain looks for special occasions. 

Would you all like to see a Q&A fashion section? I'm open to all ideas!

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xo ek


  1. I love what you're doing keep doing wonderful things ! Make sure you do add in your wonderful business dress style that you west on kron , There is nothing wrong with business dressing you have a lot out flavor so sgow it all ok !

  2. Hey Erica,

    Your camera might be fine. I take plenty of photos with my iPhone that most people probably wouldn't guess came from a phone at all. You could improve a couple of things pretty easily: First, don't shoot yourself with such bright backgrounds behind you. Aside from glare on the lens, that makes it very tough for the camera to figure out the correct exposure without making other elements (you) darker. Second, there's a lot of wasted space in some of these photos. They could be cropped tighter, so that they are more about you, less about the patio. Lastly, unless you're using a really old camera, you're probably starting with photos that are much larger than the ones here. You should be able to upload those larger sized pics (up to around 1000 x 1000 pixels at the largest), so that, when someone clicks on the thumbnails in your story, the larger version displays. If you do just these 3 things, your photos should pop! PM me on FB if you need more help. Good luck. :)


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