Neutrals and Burgundy

Is it just me- or has this been the longest winter ever?! Everyday, I feel like I'm so bundled and my heavy coats are getting some pretty substantial use. Color palette-wise, I've been leaning toward a lot of neutrals with just pops of color. Burgundy and bright red are currently my go-tos! My biggest challenge has been still looking put together and not like a wet dog when it rains :/ Is it just me or is anyone surprised by how much umbrellas DO NOT WORK? I have tried small, big, dome-shaped... you name it. And I'm constantly finding myself totally drenched by the wind and rain we've been having in the Bay. If you have any good umbrella suggestions... please shoot them my way! 

xo ek


  1. You're back! And I must say you look marvelous and warm.

  2. I absolutely love the neutral and burgundy combo. A winter pop of color!

    xx Kathryn

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